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I have always believed that quality is the result of high intention, sincere effort, and skillful execution which is why these core values are embedded in Mesa Tile & Stone’s work ethic. In fact, our commitment to quality is one of the reasons we have been in business for over twenty years and why so many of our clients have entrusted their homes, offices, and commercial properties to our care.

The information provided on our site has been carefully developed to help you make plans, answer questions, resolve possible concerns, and guide you through the process you are about to undertake.

The decisions and choices you are about to make are important, especially as they relate to the outcome you will achieve, whether you are replacing your kitchen countertops or completely remodeling the interior of your home, office, or commercial property. I want you to feel comfortable and confident that you have chosen the most professional, talented, and experienced team in the Treasure Valley. To that end, if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. We are here to help you turn your dream into a reality.

Phil King

Boise Depot Project

This historic and beautiful Spanish-style structure, which was completed in 1925, later became the Morrison Knudsen Depot when the corporation purchased it in 1992. Mesa Tile & Stone participated in the renovation efforts during 1992 & 1993 and in 1996, the city of Boise took possession of the Depot.

Boise Towne Square Mall

Originally built in 1987 and opened in 1988, the Boise Towne Square Mall is the largest mall in Idaho with well over 180 stores. The interior space of the General Growth Properties mall boosts an amazing 1,057,954 square feet, of which 170,000 square feet was recently renovated by Mesa Tile & Stone in 2008. Because of the expanse of the project and high-level of craftsmanship, Mesa Tile & Stone were featured in several national publications the same year.

The Grove Hotel

The Grove Hotel, a large, European-styled luxury hotel located in the heart of downtown Boise, is just one of many of the prestigious addresses Mesa Tile & Stone has completed over the years. The interior lobby, exterior patio pavers and the Italian machine cut-out artists’ interpretation of the Snake River on the façade of the building, which attracts thousands of tourists a year, especially at night when it is internally lit with multi-colored lights, are exquisitely executed in the Mesa Tile & Stone tradition of high quality and attention to detail.

Ada County Courthouse

In 2008, Mesa Tile & Stone completed their portion of the downtown Ada County Courthouse, which was a ‘green’ LEEDs project. Portions of Mesa’s responsibility on this project included the assessor’s office, administration counters, reception area and service area and hallways.

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro Restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown Boise not far from the Grove and other city amenities, P.F. Chang’s is a full service upscale casual dining restaurant with plenty of ambiance and great décor, including (we’re proud to say) an incredibly long and elegant green granite bar, beautiful tiled entry way and tiled sectional walls which were all executed by Mesa Tile & Stone when the restaurant was built in 2008.

Boise State Stueckle Sky Club Press Boxes

Mesa Tile & Stone was responsible for the treatments in the bar and fireplace hearth areas as well as the kitchen, concession and restroom areas.

Boise Airport – Concourse B

In 2005, Mesa Tile & Stone completed its portion of the rehabilitation project of the interior of Concourse B at the Boise Airport. This included laying terrazzo and ceramic tile and installing granite slab in the passenger loading bridge area, as well as the concession areas for Villa Pizza, Moxie Java and the Hyde Park Deli.

St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Mesa Tile & Stone completed the ‘tower’ project in 2007. This was a huge undertaking which included the tile entry ways and elevators, the granite water feature, patient rooms, both the men’s and women’s locker rooms, the first floor reception area, the library, the boardroom conference table – also in granite - and the interior and exterior signage.

Stone Selection and Plan Review

Visit Mesa Tile & Stone’s showroom and stone yard to view stone options, color choices and edge details. When visiting it’s helpful to bring samples of your cabinet, paint swatches, and fabrics.

Our Project Coordinator will start a worksheet with all of the information about your project. We will provide you with a checklist of the things we will need to do our work. The checklist includes:

  • Sketched layout or plans
  • Details of the slabs you select
  • Thickness and edge profile of the countertops
  • Sink make and model
  • Appliance types and locations
  • Backsplash details
  • Countertop support
  • Remodeling considerations
  • Other project specific information


To prepare a proposal we need a sketched layout or plans for the areas of work. There are several ways to get this information:

  • Acquire a set of plans from your builder or cabinet maker.
  • Download our worksheet to help sketch a layout showing the measurements of the countertops and location of sinks and appliances.
  • Schedule a field measurement from Mesa Tile & Stone.

If you are planning to have a tile backsplash installed by Mesa Tile & Stone, we need a pattern for the tile layout, grout colors, and other details.

We will provide a proposal from the measurements. If you have not made all of your final selections, the proposal will show allowances and will include standard stone colors and edge options. If you are remodeling your home we can include the removal of your existing countertops, preparation for new countertops, and plumbing labor on the proposal.

Review & Stone Approval

Your proposal will include each area of work, stone color and thickness, edging, sink information, backsplash options, and remodel related work. We will review the proposal with you and ask you to approve the details for each area of work, sign the proposal, and approve your stone selection. After the stone is approved we require a 50% deposit to hold the slabs for your project.

We offer slab remnants for smaller projects. The use of remnants is conditional; the countertop must fit on the remnant. We require a 50% deposit to hold remnants for your project.


Once you have signed your proposal and paid the deposit we begin the template process. In order to make templates:

  • Cabinets must be fully installed and level.
  • Sinks, faucets, and appliances need to be on site.
  • Farm and apron style sinks need to be installed.
  • If required, sub-tops need to be installed.
  • Support for overhangs need to be installed.
  • A responsible person must be present to make decisions and sign the template form.

Our Project Coordinator can help you with the things we need on site to make the template. Once the template has been made your cabinets cannot be modified without our knowledge.


Mesa Tile & Stone will fabricate your stone countertops from the template specifications. When fabrication is complete your project will be inspected and sealed (Silestone does not require sealing). The fabricating process usually takes 1-2 weeks from the template date.


On the day of the installation, a decision maker must be present to discuss and layout locations for the faucet, soap or lotion dispenser, side sprayer, or air vent.

If we were able to measure for your slab backsplash during template it will be installed on the same visit. In cases where the splash is full height, or has restrictions, the measurements will be taken after the countertops are installed. It normally takes up to a week to fabricate and install the splash in these situations. If we are installing a tile backsplash a separate appointment will be scheduled for installation.

Care & Maintenance

The proper care and maintenance of your stone is important to preserve its lasting beauty.

Natural stone needs to be resealed once a year depending on the type and color. We use StoneTech Professional Impregnator Pro. StoneTech products can be purchased at Mesa Tile & Stone.

Do   dust mop; clean surfaces with mild detergent or stone soap, rinse and dry; blot spills

Do Not   use vinegar, lemon juice or other acid cleaners on marble, limestone, Travertine or onyx; avoid abrasive cleaners such as cleansers; never mix bleach and ammonia as it creates a toxic and lethal gas.

Precautions   Granite and Silestone® can withstand moderately high temperatures for brief periods of time but as with any natural stone, over exposure to heat may cause cracks due to thermal shock. Always place hot items on a trivet. Crock pots and electric skillets should never be placed directly on Granite or Silestone® natural quartz surfaces. Never use: Drano, Liquid Plummer, oven cleaners, or floor strippers on this natural quartz surface.

Granite & Silestone®   Clean stone surfaces with a few drops neutral cleaner, mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use scouring powders or creams as they contain abrasives that may scratch surface. Wipe spills up immediately as they may leave residual staining. Formula 409®, Lysol®, or Windex® will remove difficult spills if left to soak for 10 minutes.

Granite   Yearly sealing can be avoided by using Revitalizer on a weekly basis.

Silestone®   No sealing is required.

Natural Stones (Travertine, Marble & Limestone)   Natural stones require cleaning with a neutral, non-abrasive cleaner with a pH between 7 and 10. To prevent cleaner build up, rise well and dry. For shower tiles, a daily wipe down will prevent mold and mildew. Floor tiles should be mopped frequently to remove grit and dirt and to prevent scratching. Natural stones should be sealed with a penetrating stone sealer once every 6 month to a year.

Ceramic Tile   For maintenance of ceramic tiles, use a non oil-based, all purpose cleaner, then rinse. Sweep floors regularly. Wipe down showers after use to avoid soap and hard water build- up. Because ceramic tile is not porous, no sealant is required.

Grout   Sanded and non-sanded grout should be cleaned with a non oil-based, all purpose cleaner and then rinsed. Do not use ammonia or bleach as discoloration may occur. A scrup brush used periodically will remove stubborn deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to make your experience with Mesa Tile & Stone the very best it can be, we have pulled together a series of questions that seem to be the most relevant to the clients we have worked with over the years. If, however, you still have a question about your countertop, a product, or how to care for your newly installed tile or granite, please feel free to call one of our associates at 208-378-1032.

Are sub tops required?
Depending on the layout of your cabinets and the stone color, sub tops may be required. Please ask our project coordinator for more information about this subject as it relates specifically to your cabinets and stone.
If I have an overhang, do I need extra support?
If you have an overhang over 6 inches, your countertop will require additional support from corbels, steel support, or a tube steel frame.
Who covers my exposed sub tops and frame?
Mesa Tile & Stone is not responsible for covering any visible sub top or frame unless otherwise specified in your approved proposal.
Will Mesa Tile & Stone remove my existing countertops?
Yes, if removal is included in your approved proposal.
Do my old countertops need to be removed before a template for my new countertops can be completed?
No, unless you are making changes to the layout of your cabinets or replacing your cabinets, Mesa Tile & Stone can make the template from existing countertops.
Who does my plumbing?
Mesa Tile & Stone is not responsible for any plumbing work unless specified in your approved proposal.
Where do I buy a sink?
You can purchase a sink at any home improvement store, order on line, or from one of the many plumbing supplier’s showrooms in town. We will gladly assist you with this if you need us to do so.
When does Mesa Tile & Stone need my faucet?
We need your faucet information when you make the template.
Can I use Marble or Travertine for my kitchen countertops?
You can use any counter surface you like for your kitchen countertops. Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, and Soapstone are softer and may scratch and or stain easier than granite and quartz countertops. Please check with us on these particulars so you can make an informed decision.
When do I pay my deposit?
We require a 50% deposit upon approval of proposal and slabs.
Once my template is complete, how long does it take to before installation?
Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks from the template to install date.
I saw an edge on television or in a magazine that I like, can you accommodate this?
We can usually fabricate most edges with our state-of-the–art equipment. If you bring a sketch of the edge in to our office, we can figure out what it will take to produce it for you.
What is the difference between 2 cm and 3 cm?
2cm stone is 3/4” thick and 3cm is 1 1/4” thick.
What is a honed surface?
A honed surface is smooth and flat, with a matte texture.
May I select the slabs I prefer?
Yes. In fact, we ask that you approve the slabs for your project before we fabricate the countertops. If you wish, Mesa Tile & Stone will hold your slap selection with a deposit.
Is it hard to seal my new countertops?
No. Mesa Tile & Stone seals your countertops before installation. You, however, will be responsible to maintain the sealer with a product such as Stone Tech or Miracle Sealants.

The Freedom Ring Plaza Renovation

In addition to being one of the many contractors providing unique and highly-specialized services on the historic Capitol Renovation Project, Mesa Tile & Stone also agreed to partner with the Golden Garden Club of Boise in their beautification efforts by donating several seating benches which will be located along the exterior pathways of the plaza.

Idaho Ronald McDonald House

Mesa Tile & Stone gladly partnered with the local, non-profit organization Ronald McDonald House in their efforts to upgrade the kitchen area of their facility and proudly presented the organization with beautiful kitchen countertops in celebration of the special needs care Ronald McDonald House provides for ill or injured children in the area.

The Lincoln Statue – Oldest Lincoln Monument in the West

The 17-foot bronze statute created by Alphonse Pelzer, which was delivered to Idaho in 1915, was one of seven that were cast between 1898 and 1919. The statute, which has been repaired, cleaned and refurbished, was recently relocated to Steunenberg Park as part of a 100-Year Centennial Celebration. The sandstone pavers utilized for the newly designed walkways surrounding the statute were donated by Mesa Tile & Stone.

Dress for Success

For the past several years, Mesa Tile & Stone has been a supporter of the internationally successful program, Dress for Success, which helps disadvantaged woman throughout the United States, and Idaho, put their lives back on track.

About Mesa Tile & Stone

Gallery of our Facilities
Mesa Tile & Stone, Inc. is the largest tile and stone contractor in Idaho. Over the last 20 years we have installed thousands of granite, marble, limestone and Silestone countertops in homes and businesses in Idaho and the surrounding area. We install ceramic and natural stone tile in homes and businesses in the Western States and Alaska.

We provide exceptional service and selection, and the most advanced fabrication shop in the region to achieve the highest quality on our projects. We value the relationship with our clients and work very hard to make the construction process successful.

About the owner, Phil King

Phil King was born in Indiana, raised in a suburb just outside New York City, attended a junior college in Corning, New York and finally obtained his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Denver in 1969. From Denver, King trekked to Alaska where he remained for 18 years.

Before he opened what turned out to be one of the most successful tile businesses in Anchorage, he worked in a cannery, became a commercial fisherman, a teamster, logger, and builder of some of the most exquisite, one-of-a-kind log homes in the state. He probably would have been referred to back then as a “Jack of all trades, master of none.” King’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit, however, made him a master of integration and through his extensive experience, he was able to cohesively bring together the disciplines of many of the trades and skills he had learned to form Mariposa Tile in 1980. Shortly thereafter, the business was relocated to Boise, Idaho and renamed Mesa Tile & Stone.

Luck, perseverance, highly artistic and dedicated craftsmanship and a consistent commitment to excellence have enabled Mesa Tile & Stone to grow and prosper over the past twenty years, and to become one of the most highly respected tile and stone businesses in the state of Idaho and beyond. Projects the company has completed can be seen all over Boise as well as: Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Nevada. A sampling of residential, commercial and government projects Mesa Tile & Stone has worked on is posted on our website so you can see for yourself what Phil King’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit has produced and what you can expect of Mesa Tile & Stone when you are ready to begin your project.


"The granite top is so beautiful, and we're really pleased with how it looks on the table! It makes a nice addition to the patio." - Carol H.

"Our granite countertops turned out beautifully. Thank you for that quality work. You have truly been a professional in serving us with our granite installation." - Dale C.

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your team’s wonderful job designing and installing our soapstone countertops. Ryan and the rest of the team did a great job. They were friendly, highly skilled and dealt professionally with the difficulties they faced along the way. We really appreciated their level of perfectionism in ensuring that the seam in the countertop was virtually imperceptible. We just love our new countertops and will enthusiastically recommend Mesa Tile and Stone to all our friends." - Pamela M.

We'd love to hear what you have to say about your experience with Mesa Tile & Stone.


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